Empower, Educate and Inspire!

What better way to celebrate Heart Month and Congential Heart Disease (CHD) week than to be a part of our regional educational conference in Evansville, IN on Feb 8th. We are excited to bring you the latest in cardiovascular treatment and care for heart patients of all ages, patient advocacy information, as well as opportunities for heart patients and caregivers to network and share their experiences.

Throughout the weekend attendees can expect to hear presentations on:

❤️Advancements in Research & Treatments
❤️Congestive Heart Failure
❤️Neuro Developmental Issues & Delays
❤️Advancements in CHD
❤️Mended Little Hearts and Mended Hearts breakout sessions

Lunch on Saturday is included in the registration price.

If you are coming into town for the night, and need a place to stay, you can contact the hotel for reservations at (812) 423-5002.

We can’t wait to see you in February!